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Spring Ahead March 8..LOOSE 1 hour of precious sleep!

Sunday March 8 we move the clocks ahead one hour. Even loosing just one hour of sleep can adversely affect us the next day. Records from the department of motor vehicles shows there are more accidents on the Monday right after this. Make sure you try and go to sleep a bit earlier Sunday night and for the next few nights so your body and mind make up the hour. It is an epidemic that people cannot sleep due to insomnia and can create problems in our everyday life, such as accidents, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity..all from poor sleeping..

Depression and Insomnia

Many times people have trouble sleeping because of depression.  It is important to find out if this is your reason for insomnia.  Stress many times leads to sadness, and or depression.  This  might not have been considered the reason for poor sleep.  Talking to a professional in this field  may make  one realize their sleep disturbances are really more psychologically based, instead of perhaps due to sleep hygiene, or other reasons.

Insomnia and Yoga

I have found that 30-60 minutes of gentle yoga during the day does help one sleep better.  There are many types of yoga.   Hatha yoga seems to work very well.  Try not to do any type of vgorous or hot yoga too close to bedtme as this may be overstimulating and actually keep you up.  There are several basic DVD’s that are available for under $20.00, sometimes  the cost of one class in a studio.  The Gaim company has a catalog with many DVD’s that are available. Rodney Yee is a well known instructor with some very basic classes on can watch.

Holidays and Insomnia

During the Holidays we might change our eating, drinking, and sleeping schedules.  Just know that this will adversely affect our sleep.   It is ok to change things a little bit,  but know that if it is prolonged,  your health and well being will be affected.  Overeating and drinking usually trigger poor sleep.  Have a great holiday season!!!!!!!!

Insomnia and pain

One of the main causes of insomnia is pain.  In my office I see so many poeple with back, hip, neck and  or other musculoskeletal problems.  This leads to many sleepless nights.  I treat people with holistic chiropractic  protocols to relieve their pain.  This will often lead to better sleep.

Tart Cherry Juice

It has been found that tart cherry juice has some naturally occurring melatonin.  Try finding it organic at the health food store and start with one ounce and gradually increase to 3 ounces over a few days, if one ounce does not help.  Take it one hour before bedtime.  Also saint john’s wort has natural melatonin.  You can look in the health food store and get it as extract or in pill form.  In extract start with 20 drops increasing to 40 if 20 does not work.  With the pill form read the label and take as suggested.  This herb cannot be taken for long time periods,  use for 2-3 weeks then stop.

Sleep and dreams

Each night we dream even if you do not remember them.  Dreams are the method in which we sometimes have our unconscious come to us to give us some info we might be searching for.  The easiest way to remember them is to  as soon as you awaken, do not move, keeps your eyes closed, and then open eyes slowly, have a journal or pen and paperr and then start writing.

Current Sleep Research

We saw recently how a JetBlue pilot had to be wrestled to the floor of the plane he was flying by passengers, as a result of a psychotic disorder brought on by lack of sleep. Now we see that Tom Brokaw was hospitlaized for accidentally taking Ambien. This is scary stuff! The solutions to all of your sleep problems are natural. Our book: The Deep Diet discusses them all.
For now, I want to bring you up to date on some of the current research.  Some of the latest research has been focused on finding ways to test for sleepiness. In the not too distant future, it is very possible, that when you visit your doctor for your annual physical, one of the tests that you will be given will be to test your body to see if it is sleepy. 

Other research is focused on the physiological and behavioral effects of sleep deprivation. In other words, how does lack of sleep affect your mind and body? I’m sure you have had a few nights when you didn’t get much sleep and you didn’t perform at peak levels the next day. Maybe you missed a meeting, or if you did show up at the meeting, you weren’t on your toes. The researchers are looking at just how differently the body functions when it doesn’t get enough sleep.

sleep and noise

If your sleep area is noisy get some good earplugs.  Many people have partners who snore and will complain they cannot sleep.    Somtimes a low humming noise ( sometimes called white background noise) from a fan or airconditioner might block out other noises from the environment, like cars and trucks outside in the street. or birds chirping.

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