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Current Sleep Research —

We saw recently how a JetBlue pilot had to be wrestled to the floor of the plane he was flying by passengers, as a result of a psychotic disorder brought on by lack of sleep. Now we see that Tom Brokaw was hospitlaized for accidentally taking Ambien. This is scary stuff! The solutions to all [...]

sleep and noise —

If your sleep area is noisy get some good earplugs.  Many people have partners who snore and will complain they cannot sleep.    Somtimes a low humming noise ( sometimes called white background noise) from a fan or airconditioner might block out other noises from the environment, like cars and trucks outside in the street. or [...]

Insomnia and napping —

Napping for 20-40 minutes before 3pm is ok and can help with productivity.  Napping any longer or later in the day may intefere with regular sleep cycles.  Also napping should not be used instead of sleeping about  7 1/2-8 hours per night but rather as an adjunct to overall health and well-being.  Naps have been [...]

Stages of Sleep —

STAGES OF SLEEP I have been a practicing chiropractor for a number of years. I have treated upwards of 10,000 patients. In the last few years I have seen more and more patients who are having difficulties sleeping. A person will sleep better, if they have a better understanding of what is going on when they sleep.  [...]

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