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New Year’s ‘Revolution’ not Resolution

Sleeping at least 7.5-8.5 hours per night will help your health and well being, more than anything else you can do. In fact the number one New Year’s Resolution is to loose weight. Not getting enough sleep can actually cause you to gain weight. The reason is that without enough sleep we crave carbohydrates. We are trying to trigger serotonin the feel good hormone, in our body with eating alot of starchy foods. Without enough sleep we have a lack of this chemical. Also we produce more cortisol the stress hormone that really interferes with weight loss.

Alcohol in any amount will upset our sleep also. Just one glass of wine, beer, or shot of hard liquor can decrease the quality and quantity of sleep. Many feel that a drink will help you fall asleep faster, and this could be true, but it causes us to not go into deeper phases of sleep and wake sometimes in the middle of the night.

Happy New Year to All!!
Sleep Well!!

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  1. Yes serotonin is depleted with lack of sleep.
    Eating carbs increases serotonin, but when tired people will overeat them and gain weight.

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