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We saw recently how a JetBlue pilot had to be wrestled to the floor of the plane he was flying by passengers, as a result of a psychotic disorder brought on by lack of sleep. Now we see that Tom Brokaw was hospitlaized for accidentally taking Ambien. This is scary stuff! The solutions to all of your sleep problems are natural. Our book: The Deep Diet discusses them all.
For now, I want to bring you up to date on some of the current research.  Some of the latest research has been focused on finding ways to test for sleepiness. In the not too distant future, it is very possible, that when you visit your doctor for your annual physical, one of the tests that you will be given will be to test your body to see if it is sleepy. 

Other research is focused on the physiological and behavioral effects of sleep deprivation. In other words, how does lack of sleep affect your mind and body? I’m sure you have had a few nights when you didn’t get much sleep and you didn’t perform at peak levels the next day. Maybe you missed a meeting, or if you did show up at the meeting, you weren’t on your toes. The researchers are looking at just how differently the body functions when it doesn’t get enough sleep.

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  1. Iris Gretano says:

    It is critical to get enough sleep as it has been proven over and over again how ineffective and dangerous it can be for an individual who lacks a significant amount of sleep!!!

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